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Ingrid Lilligren


Recent projects explore symbolic language, in particular, Braille.  It is used as a symbol of cultural, social, and political blindness and in one instance I used it to refer to the blindness of love.

Camilla's Birthday, 2005
(Porcelain, Braille, salt, grass. 39” x 15” diameter.)

The text is from a comment made by Camilla Francia on her 22nd birthday, May 9, 2005 as we were sitting having wine and cheese to celebrate; it reads: " I don't drink milk or eat cheese. When I was little girl, after Chernobyl, a toxic cloud came over Italy. From that time my mother stopped to give me milk." I was profoundly moved by her remark and the piece evolved in response. The porcelain container has soil with grass growing and the hanging cup (bisqued porcelain) has salt. Crystals are forming all the time as moisture is pulled from the air. Eventually, the salt will drip onto the grass. Salt is essential to life, as is air and food. These elements are part of a larger system wherein all parts affect each other. We need sources of power and nuclear power is one that is fraught with potential and dangers.