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Ingrid Lilligren


These pieces were made from Limoges porcelain during a 2005 residency at A.I.R. Vallauris in southern France. The buildings and streets in the old part of town are made from local rocks and stones. My studio was located along a narrow street paved with original cobblestones. The work I created was a response to this terrain; inspired by rocks and stones. Colors used on the forms reflect the vegetation, colors in the market and stucco on local houses. All the pieces are thrown and altered with slips, stains and glazes.

Cartesian Vortex Series.   5” 6” x 5” each.

Based on a drawing by Rene Descartes explaining how galaxies each create a vortex of energy, thus preventing their crashing into one another. His world-view has since been replaced by other explanations. I thought about how he used the scientific and intellectual resources available at that time to know the world, just as I do when making this work.