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Ingrid Lilligren


Recent projects explore symbolic language, in particular, Braille.  It is used as a symbol of cultural, social, and political blindness and in one instance I used it to refer to the blindness of love.

Finding Home , 2004
(Text on cylinder is October Snowpea Poem, by June Jordan, executed in Braille. Used with permission. Stoneware, porcelain, Braille, wooden chair, hair. 33" x 25" diameter)

So as the sun declines below Detroit
(the lake a cool assurance of alternatives to hard dark high-rise miscellaneous)
the colors of the end of light
relax along the horizontal edge of this
blue place
with burnt sienna
rose and oranges
that soften into regular
domestic tragedies
of night
without a lover's willing
to stop the desperation of the chase
for daytime stars that glint and blur and mix and lift
like mica sprinkling
on a concrete hieroglyph of altered space
by himself a young black man

for no good reason

so do I turn to memorize
the soft excitement of the homestretch of your lips
and close to the hypnosis
of your almost closing eyes
I spin to the surprise
Of no pain/no pain