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Ingrid Lilligren

Lost Genus

Each of the pieces in this group existed previously and met an untimely ceramic end or existed only as sketches. When I began reconstructing and resurrecting them, I was drawn to the idea of ‘finding’ them and having them be part of the family of works I have created. The fact that the word genus is close to the word genius is intentional.

Yearning, 2002. Stoneware, 47” x 35” x 37”

First constructed in 1995, that version encountered the uneven concrete of the back patio resulting in its early demise. In the course of rebuilding, the piece has evolved. The circles painted onto the triple belly represent a continuous cycle of counting days, an activity familiar to women as they keep track of their menstrual periods. I added the ear to the bowl area - one of the meanings of 'yearn' is to utter in an emotional voice and I wanted those utterances to have some chance of being heard. The piece is intended to express deep longing and yet contain a measure of hopefulness.